At APAC IMPORTS we bring together years of on-ground knowledge and expertise across select industries.


We stand committed to being upfront and honest with our partners. 

Not all products are suitable for import / export within the Vietnamese market. As such, we only commit to working with those areas we identify as having the greatest potential for success.

Food & Beverage

The origins of APAC IMPORTS lay in the F&B industry. Our primary focus consists of introducing suppliers to market, directly relative to the ever increasing demand driven by the domestic Vietnamese consumer.

Industrial Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

We are able to provide cost-effective and quality solutions to those involved in this niche industry. 

These include (but are not limited to):

  • The introduction of products to new markets (outside of Vietnam)
  •  The formation of strategic partnerships through capital injection for industry expansion 
  •  The formation of strategic partnerships through capital injection for your own Research and Development (R&D) projects and/or the production of other stainless steel equipment

Garments and Shoes

Our extensive business networks across Vietnam and greater Southeast Asia mean that we have direct access to suppliers in the region for products such as garments, shoes, face masks, and rubber gloves – all certified to international and market-specific standards.

Beauty & Cosmetics - Vietnam Market Entry

Our experience also lies in the importation of cosmetics and beauty products for both wholesale and direct retail to domestic consumers. As demand continues to rise in leaps and bounds, so does the desire for Western products. Beauty and cosmetics are no exception.