APAC IMPORTS provides a range of specialized services to address the needs of our clientele.


APAC IMPORTS provides a range of specialized services to address the needs of our clientele. Whether you’re a supplier, buyer, brand agency, or single tradesperson, we stand committed to assisting you in achieving the best results for your business.

Market Entry

Introducing products to foreign markets can be lined with challenges and obstacles. Limited knowledge and understanding of the target market can expose your business to unnecessary risk, ultimately leading to financial loss.

If the demand is there, we can make market entry simple, fast and successful.


Vietnam, just like all markets, has its own rules and regulations regarding the importation of products. For example, all foreign suppliers in the meat industry must be vetted, approved and certified prior to their products being allowed into market.

We are there to advise and guide you through such processes in order to mitigate any unnecessary risks.

Research / Analysis

It is always recommended that a company / business preparing to enter a new market conducts thorough research and analysis as a critical step in their planning.

APAC IMPORTS understands the type of questions you may have / areas of research to be covered.  

Representative Office

A Representative Office (RO) provides a cost-efficient option for companies seeking to gain a better understanding of the Vietnamese market. As such, this practice is among the most common for first-time entrants to the Vietnamese market and often precedes a larger presence within the country.

APAC IMPORTS can assist your business in the early stages of market entry through the set up of an RO.

Broker / Agency Office

After successfully introducing your product to market, we can continue to utilize our networks to enhance market exposure and maximize product sale volumes. However, this requires both additional time and capital.

If you are seeking a reliable partner to exclusively market and distribute your product in Vietnam (therefore avoiding any market startup costs), we are able to act as your ‘on-ground’ representation.

Supply Chain Support and Logistics

Emerging markets are constantly fighting to keep up with demand amongst both their domestic and foreign consumers. The establishment of secure, reliable supply chains and logistics is of the utmost importance. 

Cultivated local relationships ensure our ability to provide an ‘end to end’ service. For example, if you’re experiencing: 

  • payment and communication issues with the supplier 
  • trouble clearing products from Vietnamese customs 
  • problems with the shipping agent;

We are able to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ to meet your logistical and supply chain requirements.